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Tiered Wedding Cakes

Tiered wedding cakes are the most common type of wedding cake.  This is a 5 Tier wedding cake with blue ribbon trim and pearl trim on the bottom edge of ribbon.

To make this wedding cake, bake two round layers of each size-14"-12"-10"-8"-6".

Each two layer size can be a different flavor depending on the bridal couple. Each layer can also have a filling if desired. Bake all of your cakes. Make a white buttercream icing.

Put your layer sizes together accordingly putting them on a cardboard cake circle of that size. At this time you place your 14" cake on the cake base. The base of this cake is a purchased 16"cake base. Bases can be made of plywood cut to the desired shape and covered in foil or 3 layers of foam core board taped together and then covered in foil ,or a bought base. There are various cake bases and designs that you can purchase.

Next put a thin layer of icing on each cake to catch and hold the crumbs. This is referred to as crumb coat. Let this set for 2 hours. Now ice each layer making sure it is nice and smooth. Let it set about an hour.

When ribbon trim is desired on a cake there are a few things you have to do before you put the ribbon on. I always put a piece of clear acrylic, cut as wide as the ribbon and the length of the ribbon that goes around the cake with a few inches extra, and put that on first.

The reason you do this is if you don't the icing will bleed through the ribbon. Next put your ribbon over the acrylic. I use a two sided tape to connect the ribbon, slightly overlapping it.

On a stacked cake the only layer you can put the ribbon on is your base cake. The rest of the cake is assembled at the site. Loosely measure the ribbon and acrylic for each of the remaining layers.

There are a couple of ways to assemble a stacked cake. Each layer must have either dowel rods or hidden pillers in it to support the layer above it.  If you use wooden dowels take a cake circle the size of the cake you are placing on top of the cake below, such as the 12" you are placing on the 14", and center it on the top of the 14".

Place 4 or 5 dowel rods(cut to the level of the top of the cake--- all the dowel rods must be the same length) in the 14" cake within the 12" circle to support the 12" cake.

Repeat the process until you get to the top layer of the tiered wedding cake. You do not need dowels in the top layer. If you are using hidden pillars you will place the separator plate the size of the cake you will be placing on top of the cake below, such as the 12" you are placing on the 14" and center it on top of the 14".

The feet of the plate will make 4 x's on the cake top. It is over these x's you will center your hidden pillars. Cut the first hidden pillar level with the cake top. The other 3 pillars must be the same size.

Place all the pillars over the x's. Now place the cakes on the cake separator plates, (the 12"cake on the 12" separator plate). Gather everything you will need to assemble the cake and pack in a bag, extra icing, cake spatula,etc. Don't forget wipes and paper towels. Remember you have to prepare for anything that might happen during transport.

Place all cakes on foam in vehicle to transport.The foam keeps cakes from moving. Place cake base on cake table. Take the next size cake-12"-and place on the 14" cake.The feet on the bottom of the plate will fit into the hidden pillars below. Repeat process till all cakes are stacked in the tiered wedding cake.

Place acrylic and ribbon around each cake base.Place pearl trim around bottom of ribbon.The Florist will usually place the flowers on the tiered wedding cake.

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