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Wedding Cake Prices

pink rose wedding cakeWhat Should I Expect in Terms of Wedding Cake Prices? When you are doing your budgeting for your wedding, you will find that there are many costs for you to consider. You of course remember your wedding hall and your dress, but have you considered your wedding cake?

Your wedding cake is going to have a place of prominence in your wedding and getting the one that suits your taste and and your style is essential. When you are thinking about your wedding cake, remember that you need to consider what kind of dent it is going to make in your budget.

One way that many professional bakers price their cakes will be by the slice. You will find that this can help you determine how large your cake is going to be and what your budget might end up looking like. When you are looking at a cake that has a limited amount of decorations, a simple icing and a basic shape, this cake will run you about one to two dollars per slice.

With a wedding of around one hundred guests, you can get a cake like this for around 200 to 300 dollars. When you are looking at a cake that has multiple tiers, a more complicated designs and more sophisticate decorations, you will find that the price will jump to between four and seven dollars a slice.

With a wedding with one hundred people, the price can jump to 500 to 700 dollars quite easily. A cake with three or four tiers, good icing, innovative decorations and elegant designs can run you upwards of ten to twelve dollars per slice. This is a cake that can run you into the thousands of dollars, so if this is the cake you want, make sure that you are willing to budget for it. Many people who have smaller weddings, though, can get cakes that are real show stoppers simply because they are spending more money on a smaller cake!

Remember that choosing a simple icing, like buttercream, will often drop the price down a fair amount. The plainer your cake is, the less expensive it is going to be, and remember that when it comes to decorations, less can definitely be more. Consider your wedding style and make sure that you think about how well your cake is going to mesh with it.

When you are thinking about the wedding cake price, remember that you should speak with the baker that you are working with. Communicate with them about what you want and make sure that you are on the same page. Ask them for samples of their work, and ask them what kind of experience they have had in the past.

What are your options going to be when you are thinking about your wedding cake and how much you are going to pay for it? Thinking about how much your wedding cake costs is something that can affect your wedding a great deal!

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