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Wedding Cake Toppers

If you have a hand in designing your wedding cake, one important element that you should consider is going to be wedding cake toppers. The wedding cake topper is often the focal point of your wedding cake, and choosing one that suits your taste is quite important. Remember that these decorations have grown far beyond the typical bride and groom designs.

When you want to make sure that your wedding is unique, there is no reason to stick with the traditional design unless you want to. First, let's take a look at the couple designs that you might find interesting. For instance, are you or your significant other in the armed services? Having one of the figures in uniform can create a look that is perfect for you and your beloved.

One charming cake topper allows you to have a bride and groom who are armed, while another shows them country line dancing! Which cake topper sounds like it might suit you? You don't have to have the couple standing stiffly side by side any more.

Also consider what the wedding cake topper is going to be made out of. In the past, many toppers were made out of plastic, but this no longer has to be the case. Instead, if you have a sweet tooth, you can find candy bride and grooms, or you might also be interested in ones that are made out of porcelain. If you want a cake that makes a very delicate impression, why not consider a topper that is made out of beautifully clear glass?

Another type of topper that you might love is picture frame. There are toppers that are meant to be set into the cake and then you can choose a picture that is going to represent yourself and your betrothed. A silver frame of this type will look quite handsome on a pale cake, while if you have a cake that is decorated with deeper colors, a gold frame might be more appropriate.

What about a topper that is going to reflect the location of your wedding?   More and more couples are choosing to have destination weddings these days and if you are heading to the tropics, why not consider a topper that is shaped like a seagull or a starfish? If you are planning a destination trip to China, what about a topper that features a dragon and a phoenix, the symbols of wedded bliss?

You are going to be taking a lot of time with your wedding cake design, so don't forget that the most important element goes on the top. Consider what your wedding cake topper should look like and get some second opinions. This can really create the personality of your wedding cake.

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